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Foot Tendons

A bunion is simply an irregular bony bulge that can form at the base of a person’s big toe, enlarging the area and having effects on the rest of the foot. One of the most prevalent causes of bunions is the wearing of ill-fitting shoes. A bunion is bump that develops on the joint at … Continue reading

Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

The classic sign of plantar fasciitis is that the worst pain occurs with the first few steps in the morning, but not every patient will have this symptom. Patients often notice pain at the beginning of activity that lessens or resolves as they warm up. The pain may also occur with prolonged standing and is … Continue reading

Hammertoe Treatment

As soon as you detect an ingrown toenail make an appointment with your podiatrist! An ingrown toenail may be complicated by an infection, so it is best to leave your problem in their hands. In the case of an infection, your doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics. Surgical intervention may be necessary to remove the offending … Continue reading

What Are Bunions

Your big toe will be described as a big problem to you if it is attracted by the bunion problem. It is designed to take of the most of your weight when you walk. When this massive toe is not functioning properly as within the case of a bunion, you will experience symptoms in your … Continue reading

August 2010

Flat feet is the most common foot deformity known. In fact, sixty million Americans or 25% of the U.S. population have flat feet. Some of these people may experience problems that limit their activities, while others can run marathons or play in the NBA. There are several types of flat feet, and the most common … Continue reading